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 Hi, I'm Ioanna Arampali, a wedding, studio and landscape photographer always in search of turning life’s moments into works of art.

 Photography is a creative endeavor for me. After 10 years of experience I found out that I don’t really have to go far afield to find magical things to photograph. Those things are everywhere if only I take the time to look. Finally for me I know that photography brings a sense of balance into my life.

 I look, as well, for shadows and reflections, contrasts, and interesting juxtapositions. Even in faces I look a defining angle, the personality revealed, or that glimmer of life looking back at me through my viewfinder.  Photography keeps me reaching.  In every trip I slip a camera into my backpack and off I go, looking under rocks and crossing creeks to find another window into the physical world.  

Greek Photographer Ioanna Arampali

 Drawing inspiration from my couples, I always push the boundaries to create authentically elegant, emotionally-charged images with a perfect balance between candid and artistically directed pictures conveying the mood of the day. My ultimate goal is natural, soulful, alive photos that my couples will admire for the rest of their lives.

 I am looking forward to hearing from you, talking about your plans and wishes and share with you your magical day. Feel free to contact me through the "Contact" page to discuss your questions, requirements, or anything else you might be interested in and create life-lasting memory you will love.



Schedule a call and let’s meet to talk style, ideas, and aesthetics. On our initial meeting we will explore your vision and dreams, learn everything about your needs and wants and provide you with all the information you need.



I’m thrilled to be capturing your stylish celebration. When booking a date with my clients we discuss all the important aspects, fix the day on my calendar, show agreement for review and signature and get to nitty-gritty of working together.



I believe that being well prepared is the key to achieving a breath-taking set of photographs. Keeping wide-open lines of communication with my couples I ensure all questions are answered and I feel secure I am with you along every step of the way.



I will work closely with you and your wedding planner -if there is one- to ensure a top-tier photographic experience. I work in an artful yet subtle manner, allowing you to blossom in love while I unobtrusively capture everything - all while being the friendly face you've seen before. I aim for a exceptional quality and editorial photography essence, paying attention to my couples’ style

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